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San Marcos,  CA 
United States
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Charise Noel jewelry is everyday dainty surgical stainless steel necklaces that have a really cool design that everybody can wear without being afraid of breaking or tangling it!  The Magic necklace and earrings are easy to put on by simply tying on and easily pulling off !  It is a surprise to wear it as BOTH a solitaire everyday and a drop necklace that additionally has handmade in US endings/charms that can be added to it!  My Magic style is to have fun and have versatility while on the go with jewelry! 

I was inspire by my mom who due to surgeries she needed help to put on and wear her daity necklaces.  I was a Math and Science teacher who used math and physics to design a necklace that stays on your neck without a clasp!  The thought was that I could include everybody in my jewelry line and eliminate a frustation for most people, the dainty little clasp! 

You can check out my story and how to do Magic at

 Press Releases

  • Finally a fresh and NEW design in the Jewelry industry!  Charise Noel is a mom, jewerly designer and people lover!  She has created the Magic line, a brilliant design that is easy to use for everyone!  Her enthusiasm to design and make jewelry that everyone can do matches her CAN DO attitude in life and will inspire us all to try it!  Have you every experanced the clasp on a dainty chain being so small that it was impossible to do?  Or when wearing your faviorate pendant the clasp hugs the gem in the front?  How about when holding your little one, it is pulled on and breaks!  Let alone the tangles that are impossible to get out!  Charise knows the look of dainty is beaustiful, but the fun of wearing it has long been needing a better way!  The answer is Magic, a FUN and easy solution to no more clasps, tags in the front, breaking when pulled on, and no tangles! And YES, one more thing, Magic Endings TM allow you to create every day cashual looks or elegant endings that are fitting for every occasion!    


  • Magic Necklace & Earrings by Charise Noel
    Must see NEW design to the jewelry industry! Fun and easy necklace and earrings with interchangeable magnetic endings. No clasp, yet can be worn as a solitaire or as a drop necklace! Surgical stainless steel, allergy and tarnish free....

  • Magic by Charise Noel

    Magic Necklace is 316 surgical stainless steel with a crystl magnetic ball.  

    Magic Earrings are 316 surgical stainless steel with a leaverback closure and a crystal magnetic ball.  

    Magic Endings TM  316 surgical stainless steel with a crystal magnetic ball and many options to choose from.

      Magic Endings TM  Catigories

    Genuine semi-precious stones such as lapis, amethyst, carnelian, rosequartz, turquoise & moonstone.

    Real freswater pearls, coin, traditional round, teardrop & fabulous baroque.

    Exquisite crystals, Swarovski & Checz. 

    Special requests, dogs, baseball, sea shells.

    Each ending can be worn on wither the necklace or the earrings.

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